About the program


The International Doctoral Courses in Health Economics and Policy is an advanced course program in health economics and policy. The courses provide advanced and practical training in the analytical tools required to address pertinent research questions in health economics along with insights and examples from current developments in the field. The program comprises eight courses offered over a 2-year cycle. Participants can attend single or multiple courses. A program certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of at least 15 ECTS.

The program is offered within the framework of the  Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). Partners from the Universities of Basel, Lausanne, Lugano and Lucerne offer different specialized courses, in collaboration with leading international experts.



The program is open for PhD students from Swiss as well as foreign universities who wish to enhance their specific knowledge and sharpen capabilities in the field of health economics and policy. Researchers with a PhD in economics or related disciplines as well as health researchers with a significant interest in economics can also be admitted.

Program Entry Requirements

Applicants of the course program need to:

  • be registered as candidates of a PhD in economics or related discipline
  • demonstrate sufficient proficiency in microeconomics, and
  • demonstrate sufficient proficiency in econometrics or statistics.

A full résumé will have to be submitted to the administration of the program in order to provide evidence and to support the application. A final decision with regards to admission will be taken after a thorough and individual assessment of the application.

Access to the Program and to Individual Courses

The program represents a health economic specialization for economists. Priority will thus be given to PhD students in economics or with an economic background. Other students wishing to follow part of the program, particularly students undertaking health-related research with a significant economic component are also encouraged to apply. Individual courses can be taken by other candidates upon approval of the program director.


Application procedures


  • Full résumé / CV

Please use the following link to submit your application. Please be aware that the program steering committee can accept or decline your request to enroll to a specific course or to the entire program, or decide to ask for further documentation to support your candidacy.