Health Insurance: Theory and Empirics*

Lecturer(s): Prof. Mathias Kifmann
Location: Basel


In this course, we present the theory of health insurance and empirical evidence. Among the topics are optimal insurance with and without moral hazard, the access motive, state-dependent utility and selection in insurance. In the first part of the course, we characterize optimal insurance contracts, in particular to what extent coinsurance is optimal. We review the theory of adverse selection and discuss the problem of advantageous selection. We present models dealing with selection issues in markets with community rating. In the second part, the focus is on empirical studies on moral hazard and selection in health insurance. Empirical approaches and evidence from different settings will be presented and discussed.


  • To give students understanding of key issues in health insurance
  • To make students competent in theoretical and empirical approaches related to health insurance
  • To motivate students to conduct their own research in health insurance


Local Coordinator: Patrik Gasser

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