Mental Health Policy and Economics

Lecturer(s): Alison Cuellar Ph.D.
Location: Lucerne


The complexity and chronicity of mental health conditions, particularly serious mental illness, pose significant policy challenges. In this course we will examine economic considerations in the prevention of mental illness, and in the provision, organization and use of services for mental disorders in several countries. We further discuss empirical strategies, data and causal identification, and incorporate a data analytic exercise. The course consists of five lectures, two mock referee reports of recent papers, class participation, a group presentation and an in-class data analytic exercise.


  • Offer students an understanding of unique characteristics of mental health conditions, including their prevention and their treatment, relative to other health conditions and implications for economic analysis and policy development 
  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of different types of data
  • Provide an overview of modern economic research on key mental health policy issues.
  • Motivate students to study the economics of mental health and policy with a clear understanding of causal relationships.


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Local Coordinator: Stefan Boes

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