Advanced Topics in Economic Evaluation*

Location: Lausanne


This course will cover advanced theoretical and methodological tools in economic evaluation, with a focus on their application in public health. It will cover key topics in modelling costs, estimating comparative effectiveness of interventions from observational data and using economic reasoning to inform policy and practice. The course will combine lectures and computer lab sessions.


At the end of the course, students will be familiarized with cutting-edge methods in the economic evaluation of public health interventions and will be confident in designing and critically appraising research projects in the area.

  • Understand and apply advanced methods in cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Understand the role of equity in economic evaluation
  • Learn how to use economic reasoning in public health and policy evaluation
  • Discuss applications of economic evaluation in public health and their use in decision-making
  • Critically appraise applied health economics literature


Local Coordinator: Joachim Marti

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